How to install


Place the following code in the components of config->main php file.

'class' => 'application. extensions.'your extension name'.'your php file',

Add the following code to your main layout where you wish to display the calendar.

$user = 'your gmail username';
$pass ='your gmail password'';
Yii::app()->CALENDAR->login($user, $pass);

In order to work with google calendar in your application you should download the GOOGLE DATA PHP CLIENT LIBRARY.
Download the below zip file and extract it and place it in your 'php/pear/' folder.

Edit your configuration file i.e., php.ini in your php folder and make sure the include path is

include_path = ".;C:\Program Files\xampp\php\pear\"

To test whether the google data php client library is configured, follow the below link.

Copy the code and paste it in any php file and run it in the browser .

If you get the below output, then you have successfully configured google data php client library.

For more details:

After successfully installing the google data php client library, follow the below step:

Download the below file and extract the contents of the extension into your application’s protected/extensions folder.