Here is breif description about AADHAAR Project

AADHAAR project helps Government and Resident of each state in India that could be obtained a 16 digit Unique Identification Number (UID) or AADHAAR by the citizen and proposed to get in November 2010 for its first phase; it is stands on the data collected during the continuing survey operations that could be completed by May 15 to July end, 2010 in India.

In this UID / AADHAAR operation in India, the first stage pictured house listing and housing survey during the 45 days to extended period operation in India. It may be achievable to issue UID / AADHAAR to citizens in six months after the first stage survey is completed. As per survey, information collected in the first round assessment will not only help in forming a precious database, but also the country’s first ever national popular register (NPR).
The census data in India will be made available to Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) / AADHAAR after the first stage process in India is completed by September this year 2010. AADHAAR, which will be issued the UID to citizens and Registrar General and Census Commissioner have arrived at an understanding over distribution of the database.