bSMART-Water is a enterprise next generation web and mobile enabled  software specifically built to handle the requirements of municipal corporation and water boards in billing, accounting and CRM. The product is light and highly scalable and can suffice the requirements from a small corporation having a few hundreds of installation to larger water boards having few lakhs of installations.

The billing engine is highly configurable to the sectorial specific requirement where there are meters or no meters installed. The supply and flow related information can be captured for sending customer alerts. Tariff and category conversion with retrospective effect are built into the system.

Key Modules

  • Customer Information System.
  • Billing Engine.
  • Meter Management
  • Grouping and Subgrouping of Customers
  • Integration with Photo Spot Billing
  • Payment Collection and reconciliation.

Unique Features

  • Pre Billing Rules for Customized Water Billing, which can be easily deployed.
  • Demand Analytics
  • Customer Profiling
  • In built BI reporting
  • SMS and Email notifications which is customizable for many important events.