bSmart AMR solution let utilities to automatically collection meter data such as Consumption, events, Meter transactions and status data from water, electrical and Gas meters and then securely transfer data to a central database for Meter data analysis and Billing.

Today’s utilities faces a challenge of meter readers entering large amount of meter data manually which can increase the chances of data mishandling, data errors, and delays for getting the data. And as the manpower costs have been increasing this method is no more suggested.

We offer most versatile, robust and  ready to implement Bsmart AMR solution that read the data from various meter makes and various modes of data read and transfers the data to distribution points.


Key Modules

  • Comprehensive Protocol stack
  • CFW based API’s to read from different makes of meters
  • Robust Head End System
  • Intelligent GPRS based devices for data acquisition
  • In built scheduler for automating the reading tasks.
  • Comprehensive MIS reporting and Dashboards.

Unique Features

  • Robust API to read from a vide variety of meters
  • Automated meter reading from Multi Utility Meters Electricity, Water, Gas etc.,
  • Walk by meter reading and spot bill generation and spot collection
  • Could based solution for quick deployment.