bSmartApps is smart collection of mobile apps for field operations and mobile enabling enterprise applications. These apps are built on Native, Hybrid (using PhoneGap) .

Key Modules-Mobility Solutions for Indian Power Utilities

Following are the Mobility Platform which are built by BCITS to address the mobility needs of utility sector.

Smart Billing App

  • Meter reader friendly photo billing system.
  • Data required for billing gets automatically synced to device.
  • capture of GPS co-ordinates for meter reading tracking and future route assistance.
  • Secure data transfer between device and server.
  • In-built billing engine with feature to update tariff on air.
  • On Device MIS reports.
  • Customizable reading validations.
  • High data availability and PC restore in case of device connectivity issues.
  • Smart Billing printing with black mark detection and bar code printing.

Consumer App

  • Consumer Dashboard featuring Lasted Bill details ,Motivations, Quick Pay options.
  • Bill details and option to download bill in PDF format.
  • Due date notifications.
  • Historic Bill details for quick access of previous bills.
  • Historic Payment details.
  • Know your tariff section where details of the customer tariff would be defined in simple understandable way.
  • Multiple Account access from Single Login.
  • Complaints module where consumer can directly register any complaints.
  • Online payment with integration to Payment gateway.
  • Energy saving tips comes handy for increasing awareness in customers regarding.

Payment Collection App

  • Secured Collection of payments from customers.
  • Provision for Cash, Cheque, Online payment and Debit card swipe options.
  • Real-time sync of payments data to server.
  • Enforcing limits for transactions for each device.
  • Cash reconciliation.
  • Cash Reports- Daily, Weekly, Cash type etc.
  • Online payment with integration to Payment gateway.
  • Energy saving tips comes handy for increasing awareness in customers regarding.

Diss-Reconnection App

  • User friendly app for Meter readers for diss and reconnection process.
  • Entire business process of disconnection and reconnection is automated in this apps.
  • Real-time sync of information to server.
  • Auto generation of DR fees.
  • GPS and Photo capture for accuracy of the data.
  • MIS reports of the entire process.

Vigilance App

  • Allocation and vigilance routes and crew.
  • Theft reporting with GPS co-ordinations and multiple photos for accurate information.
  • Status updates – Starting, In Progress, Completed and Closed.
  • Real-time sync of photos and GPS to server for quick actions.
  • In Built bill calculator and customer history analysis.
  • Theft report filling.
  • Integration of vigilance vehicle with VTS device.
  • SMS and mail alert integrated for effective communication to concerned team.

BSmart-Enterprise Device Management System

  • Run only enterprise utility Apps on KIOS Mode
  • Booting Directly on BsmartEDMS
  • USB ( only for charging ) – Secured Data transfer online
  • Firewall to connect only configured servers
  • Remote Software ( app) upgrades
  • Device/Data encryption
  • Device/Data encryption
  • Remote data wipe out
  • Remote Monitoring of the device ( battery status, network status, Log in and out times, no of bills generated , location of the device etc)
  • Critical Application event logs
  • Remote device administration
  • Data high availability for all billing transactions

Unique Features

  • Built on both native and hybrid platform
  • Data Sync modules preconfigured
  • Enterprise security
  • Enabled to run on KOIS mode for Mission critical and secure environment