bSmart Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is suite of integrated Applications, that a company can use to manage business activities. It address the growing needs of business complexities and to manage all of these effortlessly.

Status Tracker App


  • Multi Level project Monitoring and Tracking system
  • Interactive user friendly web application software that will allow to Keep all hierarchy in the organization,  namely Higher Management ,Mid Level Manager, Project leaders, Project executors  and all other concerned Employees
  • Project Creation and administration
  • Creation of Different stages of Project and updates
  • Assigning Stakeholders of the Project
  • Creation of Milestones and sub-milestones up to Nth Level
  • Powerful messaging Module to inform every assigned resources through various means of communication like Email and SMS
  • Creation of Active directory and assigning of resources to each level.
  • A Powerful dashboard for Each user Type with specific requirement
  • Dynamic/Configurable Project Status Tracking module with various filters to easily navigate to nth Level
  • Online reporting module for the various requirements of the reports
  • Customer reporting module or ad-hoc reports.
  • App for Andriod  and/or IPhone/IPAD to view and update various status/Tasks respectively.


  • Top Management should have 24/7 real-time access to various projects and various view should be facilitate addressing any issues or bottleneck which needs attention.
  • App for anytime access to information and to update tasks on real-time.
  • Automatic Messing system to inform respective stake holders or the project for events and updates.
  • Nth Level hierarchy for Users and Tasks which can be further assigned to various levels.
  • Powerful dashboard for each type of user to cater to the needs of the requirement of the user.
  • Reporting Module to access various on demand and ad-hoc reports.
  • Forecasting/Alerting Mechanism in the application to forecast and alert the progress or any Warning which is required by the stake holders of the application.


  • A Common tool to Manage Software Projects and Team
  • To cover all CMMi Level 3 Process areas and data points collections for moving to CMMi Level 5
  • To know the Cost of Each Project and Resource over the period of time in real-time
  • Timesheet Approvals and Tracking of each developers spend time
  • Planning for Each Project – Resources, Period, Budget, Schedule/ track Against the same
  • Project Milestones Tracking
  • Advanced CRM tool
  • Gantt Chart – Track Planned vs Actual Progress
  • Simplified Document Management System to use Anywhere
  • Project Metrics – Schedule Variance, Defect Density, Effort Variance etc
  • Integrated Bug Tracking System
  • Timesheets importing for salary Generation and review


Invoice Tracker

Invoice tracker is a robust and comprehensive software product which exclusively enables an organization to register, manage, and track invoices right from registration till closure of payment.

Brief description

Typically in any organization when the business volumes are exhaustive ,enormous number of invoices gets generated on a day to day basis. The registration of any invoice doesen’t seem to be a problem since there are various available platform (manual/automated) readily available. But when it comes to following up of the invoices for its respective statuses it gets very cumbersome because the data which should be available to analyze the same is not available in an organized and centralized platform. An user has to collate data from multiple sources which is time consuming and at times inaccurate.

Invoice tracker primarily addresses the above issue by providing a single tightly integrated platform which not just helps an user to track or manage invoices but also provides sharp system alerts if any activity pertaining to an invoice is not done in defined time. Apart from this the product also provides valuable MIS reports and dashboard which act as an bird’s eye view for an organization to gauge its business performance.

Key functionalities

  • Configuration of business structure.
  • Configuration of business deliverables with its commercials.
  • Configuration business process.
  • Configurable platform to manage your taxation.
  • Creation, registration and generation of invoices.
  • Recording the payment details.
  • Appropriation of invoices.
  • Recording the payment follow up details against invoices.
  • Automatic escalation in the form of emails and system alerts if invoices are not followed up on time.
  • Valuable dashboard and MIS reports to gauge business.
  • Automatic posting of invoices and its payments to tally.

Business Expenditure

Business expenditure management system provides a platform interface to manage the Business expenditure transactions of an organization which includes allocation of Business expenditure and recording the category wise expenditure against it through transactions

Key functionalities

  • Creation of expenditure categories.
  • Request and approval of fund allocation.
  • Request and approval of fund for a business transaction.
  • Business expenditure transaction settlement and approval.
  • Daily business expenditure register.
  • Business expenditure dashboard.
  • Automatic posting of transactions to tally.

Human Resource Management System and Payroll

Brief Description

Payroll management system comprehensively records, manages, handles the employee data of an organization and leverages it to calculate and generate employee salary.

Key functionalities

  • Detailed recording of the employee master data with pay fixation.
  • Arithmetic definition of salary components.
  • Defining employee designation wise salary templates using the salary components.
  • Generation of employee payroll.
  • Employee pay slip generation and delivery of the same through email.
  • Marking of employee attendance.

Public Grievance Management System

Grievance management system facilities the process of handling the internal and external grievances of an organization by recording them in the system and automatically routing it to the concerned official for addressing them.It supports various modes for registering a grievance like SMS,email and web interface.

Key functionalities

  • Categorization of grievances.
  • Defining the redressal and escalation matrix for grievances.
  • Registration and redressal of grievances.
  • Automatic routing of the grievance to the concerned official.
  • Tracking of grievances.
  • Automatic escalation of grievances.

Unique Features

  • Option to select both On Cloud or on premise versions.
  • Only Selective Module/Features can be opted for.
  • Customization as per the customer requirements.
  • In Built Dashboard and BI reporting.