bSmartMDAMS unlocks true value of AMI, which implementation of feature of MDM for utilities. With the following feature set Bsmart MDAS deliveries what is require for today’s Meter data analytics need,Load survey, logging of temper events, wiring verification and their analysis with common meter reading instrument (CMRI) of various categories of consumers with static HT / LT tri-vector meter, whole current downloadable meters etc., Including downloading of data form meter.

Key Modules

  • Common Data Parser
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Acquisition
  • CMRI Management
  • Powerful VEE rule engine.
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting


Data Downloading from Meter


  • CMRI as per CBIP TR-111
  • CMRI loaded with all Meter Software’s


  • Polycarbonate Seal Cutting

  • Downloading through Optical Port/Other Ports
  • Sealing the Optical Port


  • Any abnormalities communicate with EE within 48 hrs
  • Intimate Non-Communicating meter to EE within 48 hrs

Common Data Format

  • Download CMRI Data to Base Computers
  • Centralized single point parsing of downloaded files of various meter makes
  • Convert the data to Common Data Format
  • Single Web-Application to view all the meter data in standard formats
  • Archive data files and submit
  • Create a RDBMS with all the data stored centrally

Data Analysis

Wiring Verification

  • Identify fault in Phase Association & Sequence
  • Identify all combinations of faults of CT Polarity
  • E.g.: RYB Phase PT Missing, RYB Phase Current Missing

Load Survey Analysis

  • Date Wise with Max and Min values for the day
  • Contract Demand/Sanction Load Violation
  • Blackout & No Load Demand
  • Blackout & No Load Demand
  • Average Power Factor Profile, Consumption Profile

Load Utilization pattern

  • Consumers with load utilized < 20%, 20 to 40%, 40 to 60% etc.
  • Load Survey Comparison with Billing Parameters.
  • Usage Index :- Load Factor, Average Demand, Max Demand.


Consumer Wise

  • Load Survey
  • Billing Parameters
  • Consumption History
  • Power factor profile
  • Instantaneous parameter report
  • MD reset, Meter Reading count
  • RTC Drift
  • Meter class accuracy

Category Wise

  • Industry wise consumption pattern
  • Usage Index
  • Demand violation
  • Load patterns
  • Variation of Energy Consumption
  • Tariff wise Consumer list for violations
  • Meter Make wise performance

Event Wise

  • Tamper Events
  • Potential missing
  • Current Missing
  • Current Unbalance
  • Neutral Disturbance
  • Power failure
  • Transactions Report
  • Block out events

Unit Wise Reports

  • Consolidated reports on various critical parameters
  • List of Defective Meters
  • Comparison of Current month consumption with historical consumption
  • Other Summary Reports

Assessments ( provisional )

  • Tamper Event
  • Meter Faults
  • Phase Association Errors
  • Other Events ( seal/cover open)
  • Load Violation’s
  • Missing Interval Data


Software Built on Java Web Application Platform

  • Spring, HTML5 and Responsive Web application Framework
  • Built to handle large Volume’s of Interval Data
  • Runs on Optimized Multithreaded environment for Parallel Parsing tool
  • Exhaustive Data Analytics
  • Comprehensive Reporting

JVVNL Case Study

Solution deployed as Jaipur City (JCC)-JVNVL, Jaipur for about 11500 consumers from Feb-2013


  • HT- 729
  • MIP-8091
  • SIP-3580

Meter Makes

  • L & T
  • Secure
  • Genus DLMS
  • Genus
  • HPL
  • L&G

Time Frames

  • HT- 3days
  • MIP-5days
  • SIP-7days
  • All reports by 15th of every month.


  • bSMART
  • Web Application
  • Intel Servers
  • CMRI & HHT


  • Functional Experts
  • System Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Supervisors

Unique Features

  • Hierarchical Reports of Meter Data
  • Tamper Events Reports
  • Energy Supervision by Comparison with historical data
  • Billed Energy Monitoring
  • Monitor Performance of Meter
  • Robust CDF parser
  • Assessment of unbilled energy
  • Efficient energy procurement decisions