bSmartPMS offers simple to use yet enterprise level Project Planning and Monitoring solution. This solution can be use for generic project planning , establishes maturity for real estate project monitoring. With in built support for n-th level locations and tasks and subtasks it address almost all problems. It given the top level management bird eye view of all project  and tasks status of various departments.

Key Modules

  • Innovative Dashboard
  • Project management
  • Tasks Management
  • Department Management
  • In built Workflow for approvals
  • In built DMS for all projects Tasks
  • Reporting
  • Events and Notifications
  • SMS and App based Status updates

Unique Features

  • Multi Level project Monitoring and Tracking system
  • Interactive user friendly web application software that will allow to Keep all hierarchy in the organization,  namely Higher Management ,Mid Level Manager, Project leaders, Project executors  and all other concerned Employees
  • Project Creation and administration
  • Creation of Different stages of Project and updates
  • Assigning Stakeholders of the Project
  • Creation of Milestones and sub-milestones up to Nth Level
  • Powerful messaging Module to inform every assigned resources through various means of communication like Email and SMS
  • Creation of Active directory and assigning of resources to each level.
  • A Powerful dashboard for Each user Type with specific requirement
  • Dynamic/Configurable Project Status Tracking module with various filters to easily navigate to nth Level
  • Online reporting module for the various requirements of the reports
  • Customer reporting module or ad-hoc reports.
  • App for Andriod  and/or IPhone/IPAD to view and update various status/Tasks respectively.