bSmart Supply Monitoring is a cloud based solution that collects data from various supply systems on real time basis, consolidate the information into a database, analyses the information and generate various reports, alerts and information to various stake holders for monitoring, supervising and decision making.

Key Modules

  • Cloud Based Web Portal for information logging and dissemination
  • Modules for Data Reading and logging from various network devices
  • Head End System for data acquisition and storing
  • Common Database Format and conversion module
  • Meter data management
  • Meter data analysis
  • Outage management

Unique Features

  • Complete end-to-end solution including data concentrators, modems, head-end-system, data loggers etc.
  • Real time alerts on supply status, quality of power etc.,
  • SMS, email alerts to all the stake holders
  • Advanced common data conversion software to read from both legacy and DLMS meters.
  • Various KPI based dashboards and reports for key decision makers.