bSmart VcloudEngine framework is predominantly a software as a service which would enable legacy applications to quickly move on to the web and mobile platform. It offers ready integration with Mobiles devices with Enterprise Mobile Device Management Capabilities.

bSmart Vcloudengine is effective way of rollout of ERP, CRP, Billing and any other solutions which require mobile based transactions which is now a days essential across SMB , Large and government organization.

Key Modules

  • Device Management
  • On Air Firmware Update and Management
  • Enterprise Device Management
  • KIOK Mode Management
  • Security Management


Unique Features

  • Truly elastic, scable, secure and highly available applications developed on our cloud reference framework.
  • Middleware applications for converting legacy application to web and cloud enablement.
  • Mobile device management solutions for catering to the mobility requirements of the enterprises on cloud platform.
  • ERP and CRM solutions for government and corporations for process automation, record keeping, work flow automation, information processing, customer relationship etc on cloud platform.