Implementation of
Web based Total Revenue Management System
GPRS based Spot Billing System
at CESC, Mysore, Karnataka.

CESC – Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation Limited, Mysore Karnataka.

In the year 1999, Karnataka embarked on a major reform of the power sector. Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation Limited (CESC) was one of the new new companies cared out of MESCOM  in 2005 to  take over the responsibility for the distribution of electricity in 5 districts i.e. Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Mandya, Hassan and Madakeri.

Spot Billing, collection of revenue and maintenance of consumer records/transactions was one of the important tasks which CESC  intended to outsource and decided to utilize the services of BCITS.


 The Challenge

  • There were four to five vendors providing the spot billing and revenue management systems at various sub divisions of CESC.
  • The systems were built on different technologies and were having independent servers and database at the sub division levels.
  • The reports at all the higher levels had to be compiled by merging various reports from sub divisions often in different formats which was a herculean and time consuming task.
  • Even though IT systems were in place CESC management was not able to get online and timely reports at corporate level for actions and decision making.
  • Introduction of RAPDRP had split many sub divisions and compilation of basic reports was difficult.
  • Meter Readers and GVP had to come all the way to the nearest sub division to load the hand held computers with billing data for spot billing.
  • When ever staff got transferred from one location to another there was considerable time spent by them in getting accustomed to the new system present at that particular system.
  • There was no redundancy for database failures and the possibility of security leaks was always a consideration.


 The Solution

BCITS designed, developed and implemented a web based Total Revenue Management System for entire Non-RAPDRP area of CESC and spot billing was implemented by using GPRS based Spot Billing Machines.

As a part of implementation:

  • A web based software solution built on n-tire architecture was deployed at a tire-3 data center.
  • Required failover mechanisms, redundancy for databases, disaster management, encryption based data transfers was implemented.
  • The required bandwidth with firewall were provided for high availability with good response times.
  • Wired and Wireless broadband was provided at sub divisions for primary and secondary access to the web application.
  • Systems were installed at all the cash collection to work in both off-line and online modes.
  • Biometric based login with role and user based user management system was implemented.
  • Corporate level Dashboards and reports with drill down to the lowest accounting unit were designed and deployed.
  • GPRS based spot billing system was implemented with automated and near real-time data transfers to the Spot Billing Machines.
  • The officers at various locations were trained on the system and a ticketing based support system was implemented.



  • Error free transparent, accurate, real time and reliable billing enhanced revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Real time information aggregation at various decision making offices and at corporate level enhanced monitoring and resulted in quick decision making resulting in over all improved efficiencies.
  • Timely billing ensured healthy cash flows.
  • Comprehensive reports and information gave the management a 360-degree view of business and tools/data for effective decision-making.
  • A single system across CESC which was operated by CESC employees was a dream realized.



  • First Utility to successfully implement GPRS based Spot Billing through Hand Held Computers on large scale for the entire DISCOM.
  • Web based centralized System operated entirely by CESC employees.
  • Biometric based user authentication. 128-bit encryption for data transfers.
  • Bilingual reports. SMS and e-mail alerts
  • Customer Information Portal. Integration with ATP facilitated consumers to pay anywhere.
  • No of Location Computerised: 78
  • No of Man Months of services rendered: 5,000
  • No of Consumer Accounts maintained: 21,50,000
  • No of Transactions handled in contract period: 621 Million
  • Total Revenue handled per month: 30 Million INR