We delivery custom built software application and platforms for electronic governance. ICT applications and services for delivering government services, exchange of information, transaction processing and integration of stand alone systems. Platform independent mobile apps help in seamless delivery last mile services for G2C, G2B and G2G. Automation and digitalization solutions bring in transparency, accountability and reliability  for government organizations.


  • City Corporations

  • State Government Departments

  • Central Government Departments

  • System Integrators


  • Citizen services for issue of certificates for urban local bodies
  • License and Permission for businesses etc
  • Assessment and collection of taxes, administration and accounting
  • Collection of payments, Alerts, citizen portals
  • Automation and digitalization of records and work flow at offices
  • Mobile application for last mile service delivery, G2C, G2B,G2G
  • Application for tendering, procurement, inventory, stores, distribution etc