Implementation of
Total Revenue Management System
at GESCOM, Karnataka.

GESCOM – Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited, Gulbarga, Karnataka.

In the year 1999, Karnataka embarked on a major reform of the power sector. Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited (GESCOM) was one of the four new companies formed in 2002 to  take over the responsibility from KPTCL/KEB for the distribution of electricity in 6 districts i.e. Bidar, Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Koppal & Bellary.

Billing, collection of revenue  and maintenance of consumer records/transactions was one of the important tasks which GESCOM  intended to outsource and decided to utilize the services of BCITS.


 The Challenge

  • Consumer Records/Transactions were written and maintained in form of ledger books.
  • Meter Readers used Bill Pads to calculate bill manually at consumer premises and issue the same to consumers.
  • The bill copies were then manually written into the ledgers.
  • Manual Receipts were issued to consumers on payment of bills and entered manually into the ledgers.
  • Revenue Officers took huge amount of time in compiling and generating information required for proper operation and maintenance
  • Manual errors and delays caused huge consumer dissatisfaction and losses to GESCOM.
  • The Sub Division offices were in far flung areas with minimum infrastructure and staff.
  • The ageing infrastructure and staff could not able to comprehend to the new demands and growing consumer base resulting in further losses.


 The Solution

BCITS designed, developed and implemented a web based Total Revenue Management System for entire Non-RAPDRP area of CESC and spot billing was implemented by using GPRS based Spot Billing Machines.

BCITS designed, developed and implemented the computerized billing and Revenue Management Information system by using the latest technology platform’s to address GESCOM needs. As a part of implementation:

  • IT solutions based on distributed architecture with Servers, Computer Systems, Printers, UPS and Application Software’s were deployed.
  • The entire manual records were keyed into the system, cross checked and tallied thus eliminating the requirement of manual book keeping.
  • The bill pads were replaced with Hand Held Computers which could calculate and generate bills on the Spot at Consumer premises
  • Effective route plans were formed by consumer indexing.
  • Systems were installed at all the cash collection points eliminating manual receipt generation and entry.
  • Concerned Officers of GESCOM were trained and required additional staffs for Meter Reading, Cash Collection, running the computerized system were deployed.
  • A comprehensive information management system with required reports was implemented for effective operation, maintenance and decision-making.



  • Error free transparent, accurate and reliable billing enhanced revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Consumers grievances gave the required time and resources to Officers to plan execute infrastructural improvements.
  • Timely billing ensured healthy cash flows.
  • Comprehensive reports and information gave the management a 360-degree view of business and tools/data for effective decision-making.



  • First Utility to successfully implement Spot Billing through Hand Held Computers on large scale
  • Complete end-end IT System on Build Own Operate Basis deployed
  • No of Location Computerised: 23
  • No of Man Months of services rendered: 5,000
  • No of Consumer Accounts maintained: 7,50,000
  • No of Transactions handled in contract period: 121 Million
  • Total Revenue handled per month: 30 Million INR
  • Demand and collection doubled over the period of 9 Years