bSmart GIS comes with a host of unique features that define interface standards and carry the analysis of the system assets. It enables the users to add or delete the entities and to also record the new connections or disconnections. This augments efficient and seamless billing. Moreover, multiple people can then work on the same asset and they can also view their own version of the asset. Such innovative tools make it easy for the users to operate complicated tasks which would otherwise be time taking.

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bSmart GIS

OGC Compliant

BsmartGIS is an OGC compliant software. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) exists to define interface standards such as the Web Mapping Service (WMS) standard, or Web Feature Service (WFS) standard. These are standards that define how programmers should create software to provide such a service.

Data Validation with QA/QC Support

Supports automated spatial and attribute data entry validation. Software inbuilt Attribute level QA/QC as per the domains defined for the particular attribute: e.g. user cannot enter an incorrect voltage level as he/she can choose from a drop-down list of voltages.

Smart Search and Navigate

Smart search option carries out an instant search of any asset of the system. The search is then taken directly to the location post which the user can quickly perform the operation.

Attribute Editing & Data Query

This feature is very easy to use and one can change the attributes for adding/deleting entities and recording new customer connections/ disconnections in response to the other business processes, for instance, the billing and revenue system in the geodatabase of GIS system.

Electrical Network Tracking

The system allows for the tracing of networks to identify land parcels or customer information affected by network interruptions.

Inbuilt Version Management

The software allows multiple users to work on the same asset and thus enables various versions through an inbuilt version management system. This helps in effectively managing and viewing the versions.

Labelling and Layer Management

Labelling and Layer management is supported with a simple user interface. User can select the labelling options by selecting a different font, size and color options. Users have options to turn on/Off any layer present in the system.

Map Navigation Tools

The software supports various map navigations. Locate, Rotate, PAN, Zoom in/Zoom Out etc are some of the tools which are present in the system.

Network Data Management

The Network Data Management Tools are easy to use in the software, wherein an electrical network is built with a multiple feeder cable is layed through a simple icon continued from an existing multiple feeder to different locations. These lines are connected in a loop with proper selection of individual cables in the multiple feeders.

Spatial Data Query

Spatial querying engine that can retrieve specific features based upon a user-determined buffer zone around a point, line, or polygon.

Printing and Plotting

Software is capable to print the complete network or a part of the network in a given size of paper.


Software facilitates feature characteristics, such as line style, weight, color, symbol and angle, for features and text for the system to use as a default when displaying features.

Low cost OGC compliant GIS software customized to suit the utility needs


Faster and better than commercially available GIS softwares


Can be customized as per the client requirements


Mobile and desktop versions are available for field and bulk operations


Out of the Box solution for Utility Needs


Advanced Integration Tools to support quick deployments

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