Smart Grid employs innovative IT systems, products and services together that can intelligently integrate actions of all users connected to it, enable intelligent monitoring, bidirectional commination’s, control and self healing.

We delivery a full range of Smart Grid IT Systems in the spheres of Automated Meter Reading, Meter Data Acquisition, Meter Data Analytics & Management, Feeder Monitoring & Supply Analytics, Sub Station Monitoring, Demand Forecasting and Automated Metering infrastructure.


  • Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution companies
  • Corporates & PSU for Energy Management & Monitoring
  • Municipalities and Water Boards
  • System Integrators


  • Automated Meter Reading Solutions for Energy, Water and Gas meters.
  • Meter Data Acquisition & Management Solutions.
  • Remote Disconnection and Reconnection.
  • Automated Supply Monitoring at Feeder and Sub Station Level.
  • Automated Water Supply monitoring at pumping and booster stations.
  • Demand management and outage management
  • Automated Assets coding, tracking & Real-time monitoring.
  • Automated Transformer critical parameter monitoring logging, alerts and information dissemination.
  • Energy audit.
  • Intelligent Electronic Devices based solutions.