Implementation of
Billing Services
at Kolkata, West Bengal.

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (A Govt. Of West Bengal Enterprises)

Implementation of Spot Billing in respect of Medium and Low Voltage (M&LV) Domestic and Commercial consumers under quarterly  billing  system  having connected load below 50 KVA under different Customer Care Centres within the jurisdiction of WBSEDCL.



  • Preparation of Meter reading schedule and placement to respective Station Managers for approval, prior to taking readings. The schedule approved by the Station Manager only shall be maintained for reading and billing purpose.
  • Before moving for taking meter reading with Spot Billing Machine (SBM) data related to consumers and initial meter reading has to be down loaded in SBM at CCC end through leased line connectivity with the DC/DCC Server.
  • Data may be up/down loaded from CCC where lease line connectivity of that CCC with respective DC/DCC has already been established. Otherwise data has to be up/down loaded from DCC.
  • To perform meter reading at consumers‟ premises at all locations, generation of energy bills at the spot with incorporation of that reading in the spot billing machine as per latest tariff of WBSEDCL and using the latest software developed & maintained by external agency already engaged by WBSEDCL, printing of energy bills in preprinted stationary at the spot and hand over the same to consumers with proper acknowledgement and approximately one third (⅓) consumers of quarterly billing cycle in each month in all the CCCs under WBSEDCL, depending on the billing cycle of the group of consumers. Spot bills shall be generated for Domestic and Commercial class of consumers with quarterly billing system except Industrial, STW, DTW, RLI consumers. If the consumer premises is found locked during the reading the meter reader shall visit in subsequent 2nd occasion as a 2nd attempt for reading & billing of the same consumer. If the mailing address is different than consumers‟ address of actual connection in such cases vendor shall deliver bills to the mailing address well within the due date for which no extra cost shall be paid.
  • Transfer of data to the DC/DCC server from CCC for updating information after generation of bills at consumer premises through Spot Billing Machine within twenty four (24) Hrs from generation of bill.
  • Entry of all spot billed meter readings in the respective blue cards (consumer master card kept at CCC) of each consumer at CCC within twenty four (24) Hrs. from generation of bill and maintenance of the same reading of door locked consumers, consumer having defective / stop meter shall be recorded by the vendor and deliver to DCC with a copy to CCC for billing from DC/DCC.
  • Blue card maintenance of all unbilled consumers, sorting out of all locked bills & average bills (which shall be generated from DC/DCC), minimum charge bills etc. The list of such consumers along with of their present reading to be handed over to the respective Station Manger for further action.
  • Submission of MIS report signed by the respective Administrator of Vendor both to the respective Supervising Officer and Controlling Officer of WBSEDCL.


 The Challenge

  • Since the Client was moving to Spot Billing about 40% of the existing Manpower were to lose their jobs.
  • Choosing the best and younger staff without interference from the Union.
  • Training the staff to be able to use the handheld devices.
  • Training the supervisory staff to handle SAP application in the backend.



 The Solution

  • The team put together a test to select the best staff.
  • The list of shortlisted staff was given to the Union to select among the candidates selected by u, thus taking the union into confidence.
  • Retrenched staff were made to understand that with having to use the technology they would not fit in.
  • A train the trainer program was organized with TCS and a core team of trainers were trained.
  • The Trainers than trained the new appointed supervisors



  • No of Customer Care Centers started for Spot Billing: 57
  • No of Consumer Accounts maintained: 16,00,000
  • No of Computers Deployed:90
  • No of Hand Held Devices Deployed: 600
  • No of Meter Readers Deployed: 450
  • No of Supervisory and Administrative Staff Deployed:64
  • No of Technical Staff Deployed:15